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I built my first website in 1996 and founded Colza, a business that specialized in lightweight, quick-loading, accessible and search engine friendly web design in 1999. My time is split between consultancy and training or coaching individuals and groups on a range of digital marketing and other topics

I have over 20 years teaching experience in both the corporate sector and in universities and further education colleges. I hold a PGCE in adult training and I am a member of the Society for Education and Training and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Working with me

Here are some options...

Looking for an interim marketing manager. I may be able to help. Please get in touch.

A medium-to-large organisation wanting consultancy and assistance in sales and marketing. I'm Technical Diretor for Salesnet, a long-established Sales & Marketing training and consultancy business. Please visit the Salesnet Website or call 020 8334 4250 to find out more.

A start-up or SME looking for sensibly-priced help, training or coaching in Digital Marketing / confused as to what you need / not sure if your website is doing its job / think you should be doing social marketing but don't know how to start. etc? I charge a sensible hourly fee for my time and can often offer a discounted rate for pre-arranged work, especially when there are no tight deadlines and I can fit this around other clients. Please contact me directly.

Ex-student / Good cause etc?- As above. I may be able to offer you a discount rate. For example I present sessions for Room for Work, a London-based re-employment charity.

Need a 30 minute chat to find something out and can get to Richmond? We meet in a cafe, you buy the coffee. I don't try to sell you anything. Note: Meetings before 11am may also involve the purchase of a pastry if I've not yet had breakfast.

Looking for an inexpensive public course? I'm an occasional teacher at City Lit in Covent Garden, RACC in Richmond and Sparsholt College nr. Winchester.

Looking for a teacher/tutor/trainer for your commercial or public course? I've done hundreds and can provide/create custom sessions and content for your course.

Other ideas? Let me know


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