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SEO isn't just about being number one in Google or having hundreds of links into your site - whatever you might have been told. It's about being found in search engines for the searches your potential customers are making and convincing them to click the link to your site in the search results.


Online Advertising

While SEO and social marketing provide fantastic ways of attracting prospective customers to your site sometimes it's hard to reach the customers you need due to factors beyond your control. For this, and other reasons, buying advertising on the web can become an effective way of driving traffic to your site.

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Social Media

If you love what you do, believe that your offering is the best and are willing to talk to people about it social media provides access to a wide audience ready to interact with you. Use the power of blogs, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks to build interest in your business and learn more about your customers.

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Web Analytics

Whatever digital marketing you do if you are not monitoring how effective this is and how customers are responding to your message you are wasting time and money. Web analytics allows you to accurately focus your efforts and maximize your marketing ROI.

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Website Management

Do you need changes made to the design or content of your website? Believe your website should be performing better? Many websites look great but do little effective business for their owners. Often this is because the message the site delivers is unclear or out-of-date. I can help you resolve these problems and present a clear and effective message to your audience.

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Training & Coaching

Want to learn how to do this any of this yourself? I'm a highly experienced course designer, trainer and business coach and offer a wide range of standard and custom courses on SEO, web advertising, social media and web design training for groups or one-to-one.

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