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I built my first website in 1996 and have been a freelance consultant and coach since 1999 . My time is split between helping businesses set up a sensible and cost-effective marketing plan and in training or coaching individuals and groups so do this for themselves.

I provide sensibly-priced marketing solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses and help start-up businesses get off the ground. I also work part time as a teacher for several college and business schools. At present there is a large amount free (or very heavily subsidized training) available and in some cases my services may be available at no cost to you.

I have over 20 years teaching experience and.hold a PGCE in adult training and I am a member of the Society for Education and Training and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Working with me

Here are some options...

A medium-to-large organization wanting consultancy and assistance in sales and marketing - Give me a call.

A start-up to SME looking help, training or coaching in digital Marketing / confused as to what you need / not sure if your website is doing its job / think you should be using social media but don't know how....? I charge a sensible hourly fee for my time and can often offer discounted rates for pre-arranged work, especially when there are no tight deadlines and I can fit this around other work. Please contact me directly.

Ex-student / Good cause etc?- As above. I may be able to offer you a discount rate.

Need a 30 minute chat to find something out and can get to Richmond? The Deal: We meet in a cafe, you buy the coffee. I don't try to sell you anything. Note: Meetings before 11am may also involve the purchase of a pastry if I've not yet had breakfast. This is currently suspended due to Covid but I'm happy to Zoom etc.

Want to find a low cost public course? I'm a regular teacher at City Lit in Covent Garden, RHACC in Richmond and Sparsholt college near Winchester. There is a huge amount of subsidized, or even free, training available at present for small business and startups.

You are a training providers and you are looking for a teacher/ tutor/ trainer for your commercial or public course? I'm a qualified teacher (Post-16 PGCE, Full DBS and have worked with vulnerable adults), commercial trainer and former college HoD.. I've run hundreds of sessions and can plan and run yours too.




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