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This course exceeded my expectations in content and delivery. It was insightful, good fun and all questions were welcomed. I was able to ask and get answers to specific questions for my businesses, which was a real bonus. The way I look at website content, SEO and digital marketing has changed as a result of this course, I now have a much more practical view and approach (much of the 'mystery' is gone!) and I am busy making updates and improvements to websites and adverts as a result. - Online Marketing - a Detailed Introduction student

Excellent course and very relaxed and informative teaching style that adapted to the needs of those being taught. I will recommend to others. - Social Media Marketing student.

This course exceeded my expectations and gave me an understanding of a subject that I had assumed would be beyond my comprehension.- Online Marketing - a Detailed Introduction student

As a complete beginner, the teacher's explanations were very, very clear and he was very patient. He managed to convince me that I CAN learn programming - Introduction to Java student

This is one of the best computer courses I have ever taken. The tutor is inspirational and prepared to go an extra mile to explain any questions. At the end of the day I was able to build not only my website but also my husbands - WordPress in a Day student.

The course was just the right intensity and matched the course description perfectly - there was plenty of opportunity to try things and all the basics covered in a good overview. A computer-literate person could be up and running after this day. The tutor was an excellent and enthusiastic communicator. - WordPress in a Day student.

I like the iterative nature of the learning and the way in which the tutor and the students can discuss key ideas - Code School: Java student.

I liked everything about the course. Julian was an excellent teacher - Internet Marketing student

Excellent teacher. Really helped me increase my confidence in the subject. New concepts explained clearly - WordPress in a Day student.

Julian was great! It could have been a very technical and very dry course but he made it as enjoyable as it possibly could be and very informative and interesting - Internet Marketing student

Thank you! Brilliant course, delivered efficiently in one day - WordPress in a day student.

Very supportive, patient teacher - WordPress in a day student.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did the course! You are truly a gifted teacher and I am sad that its all over - Web Technologies Student.

You have an amazing course and the teaching is brilliant; fast, refreshing, well paced. It's exciting to be in the classroom. Please do more - SEO course Student.

He knows his subject well and has a no-nonsense approach to the topic - Internet Marketing Student.

Just a quick note to thank you for an informative and enjoyable course today.  I learned a great deal . - Internet Marketing student.

Thank you teaching the SEO course so comprehensively. I enjoyed it enormously - SEO course student.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending and would recommend it highly to anyone. The instructor was really really good. The handouts are useful and well presented. Excellent, relevant information. - SEO course student.

Julian did a fantastic job delivering the course; I can say that every learner thoroughly enjoyed the course and took so much away with them.  The events of the day were informative, constructive and so interesting - WordPress in a day student.

A great course and excellent teaching - Web Technologies student.

A trainer who is clear, concise and knows what he's talking about! - WordPress in a Day student.

Excellent tutor, considered the needs of all learners and delivered the lesson accordingly - WordPress in a Day student.

Just a brief note to thank you for your SEO course at the RACC. The content was fantastic, your presentation was exceptional and I learnt so much - SEO course student

Many thanks for a wonderful course. It was a real eye-opener for a relative novice like me and I thought you communicated the topics brilliantly and made it really enjoyable - SEO course student

Julian Holden has been fantastic - brilliant - SEO course student

A great tutor, well structured lessons and notes - SEO course student

I have gained a good understanding of web technologies. The fundamentals of building and maintaining a website, with graphics, images, animation. Also the basics of coding, programming and database usage. Better knowledge of web marketing and web optimization - Web Technologies diploma student

I have gained a wide understanding and knowledge in ICT. I have gained a qualification and a career path that has lead me to go into further study and pursue a career in web designing and ebusiness, by completing the web technologies diploma - Web Technologies diploma student

I am very satisfied with the teaching of Julian Holden. He is very knowledgeable, motivated and well-prepared, offers well-planned, stimulating lessons and shows an active interest in students' progress - Web Technologies diploma student

This course is fantastic - Web Technologies diploma student

Julian is engaging, concise, informative, passionate and humorous. He explains in laymen's terms and relates complex information to everyday things to make it easier to digest. Fantastic!! - Advanced Dreamweaver Student

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