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Advertising on the web

SEO and Social Marketing provide fantastic ways to drive traffic to your website without expediture on advertising but sometimes, because your site is too new, you have too much competition, you are not easily able to make changes to your website, or because you want to pull traffic from related websites, online advertising can help. Web-based advertising is available in a range of places for a wide range of budgets starting from a few pounds a day.

A solution that works well for all businesses and budgets is Google AdWords. AdWords is an easy-to-manage, cost-effective and successful way of advertising your website on the Google search results page, other Google properties, like Youtube, and on a large number of partner websites. Used correctly AdWords provides an effective and provable return on your marketing investment.

Other routes, such as advertising on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, are effective at attracting customers from those sites and can provide a high-level of targeting at specific audiences.

If you are interested in extending the reach of your website through advertising, or are already advertising and would like some help or advice on how to get the best results from your expenditure please get in touch to arrange a discussion about using online advertising in your business.

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